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Macleod Junior Football Club

Macleod JFC

2024 Committee

Our club held its Annual General Meeting on the 18th of October 2023, thank you to those that came along on the night to participate.

The meeting was held at Macleod Park, all key areas of the club's operations were reviewed, and one key agenda item was confirming our committee for 2024. I am pleased to confirm that we are largely now settled on the bulk of our committee roles, however one key role we do still need to fill is the Secretary position which remains an immediate priority for us. Please see below for details of our new committee; President: Brett Thomas

Vice President / Child Safety Officer: Prue Waters

Secretary: VACANT

Treasurer: Darren Stock

Property Manager: Andreas Silfverberg

Auskick & Snr Club Liaison: Tom Barca

Register Officer: Mark Medley

Ground Manager: Carl Thompson

Football Manager: Nathan Winderbank

Trainer Manager: VACANT

Girls Coordinator: Anna Kent

Merchandise: Glenn Forest

Social Events: VACANT

Bar/Canteen Manager: Bruce Anderson

Team Mgr Coordinator: Kevin Keenan

General Committee : Paul Farrelly

General Committee : Sam Gianfriddo

General Committee : Peter Merory

Firstly, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the committee members that have volunteered their time to help run our club, without volunteers it wouldn't be possible for our kids to play the game they love in their local community. Thank You!

Whilst most of our committee members have stayed on for another term, it’s great to welcome three new committee members : Paul Farrelly, Glenn Forest & Sam Gianfriddo. However as mentioned above we have one key Executive Committee role that we still need to fill for the club to operate in 2024, if anyone would consider stepping into the Secretary role, please reach out to myself directly to discuss this further. The Secretary role is a mandatory position we need to fill in order for the club to operate, we need someone passionate about the club to come forward and help.

There are two further roles that we're also looking to fill, those being the Social Events Coordinator & Trainer Manager, both are key positions that we are looking to fill between now and the end of the year. Again, if you can help support the club in either of these positions, please reach out to myself to discuss this further.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Medley, Lorna Maloney, Dom DiCesare & Peter Merory for their extraordinary contribution to the club over recent years, Mark as President, Lorna as Secretary, Dom as Head of Football & Peter as Merchandise Coordinator. This team have dedicated an incredible amount of time to the club & we simply would not be in the position we are today without their passion & commitment, fortunately they are remaining on to help support the transition which is a huge help but i wanted to publicly thank them all for everything that they've done, it's very much appreciated.

In saying all this, our new committee held our first meeting on Monday night & are very excited about season 2024, we've commenced planning for the season ahead and the redevelopment of Macleod Park, there's a lot happening & a lot to be excited about moving forward. Thank you to everyone for supporting the club & making it such a great place for our kids to play football


Brett Thomas

President MJFC

(0427 418 840)

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